Shiny bathroom: keys to clean and disinfect this space

Shiny bathroom: keys to clean and disinfect this space post thumbnail image

Bathrooms are a key part of the home and keeping them in good condition is decisive to take care of your health and that of your family. 👨👩👧 Have you ever wondered how many times a day and how many people use the bathroom in your home? 🚽 Well, because of its characteristics and because it is one of the most frequented places, it tends to hide an army of microorganisms (bacteria, germs, mold…) ready to do their thing.🦠 How? With a good routine cleaning and disinfection.

Of all the household chores, this is the one you have the hardest time with, and if you don’t know how to do it correctly, we share with you the keys to make peace with this task 🚽 so that it never represents a problem for you again

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting your bathrooms 🚽

In addition to paying attention to making your entryway, living room or garden smell good and look spotless, a clean bathroom in good condition also speaks volumes about the organization of your home.

Your allies ⭐.

In the market there are countless products to clean and disinfect bathrooms the key is that you choose them according to your need and to, for example, the furniture you have,🧽 within the range of products are:


Powder detergent

Anti-fungus for the humidity issue

Glass cleaner for mirrors and doors

Multipurpose cleaner to leave a good aroma.

Vinegar and baking soda (in minimum quantities).

 Let’s get to work! 🧽

Deep cleaning (once or twice a week):🧼.

In a cup place powder detergent, a little disinfectant or bleach and a liter of water.

Using gloves apply this mixture on all surfaces (walls, glass, toilet and sink).

Brush or rub with a sponge or microfiber cloth and remove with water.

Follow with a small amount of anti-fungus on the surfaces and multi-purpose cleaner to give the final touch. After a few minutes, remove with water.

Finally, and as a final touch for the glass, place a little cleaner on mirrors and door partitions, and that’s it.

Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom with a candle and a small flower arrangement, baby eucalyptus is very used in these spaces!

 Dry cleaning (three to four times per week):🧽

Take a multi-purpose disinfectant wipe and impregnate it with a little multi-purpose spray cleaner.

Scrub and wipe down the bathroom surfaces, and don’t forget to have a good scent diffuser handy.

Another one of your secrets ⭐.

Have you heard the benefits of vinegar or baking soda for household cleaning? Sometimes Fania also uses either of these two elements. “Sometimes I use them for the toilet. I put a little bit of product with hot water to prevent the mixture from solidifying in the products and that’s it,” she recommends. Finally, if you need inspiration to decorate this space, 🎨 we share this video with keys and recommendations from Fania. At servicetime we make your home tasks flow! 💜

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