joing our team

Be part of the best home assistance team in Canada.

Work by the hour, you choose your area, days and hours of work.

We have designed application forms depending on the work you want to do with us.
Before filling out the form, please take into account the documents that must be attached with the application.

In servicetime you decide

With Serviteam you decide how much you earn depending on the hours you want to schedule and provide the service”.

How to increase your earnings?

Improve your income considerably by putting the following into practice: 

– Reserve your moments of availability.

– Offer an excellent service to customers.

– Participate in rewards (Analyze the rating that the customer gives to the service provider and organize the platform).

Serviteam Provider Status:

 It is very simple, depending on how constant you are and how good service you have, you will have a higher or lower status.

These statuses are:



You need to improve. You are not making good use of the service or our platform.


You are improving. You recognize your strengths and weaknesses.


Your service stands out from the rest. By adjusting your strategy you will be able to improve even more.


You are offering the highest level of service on the platform with exceptional scores. Access to exclusive benefits.

Your status depends on 6 ratings

Profile with reviewed documents

required documents

*Police Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening:
Not more than 6 months from the date of issue at your start date.
Please apply through your local police detachment (third party providers are not accepted).

Choose the category for your application

Choose the option, fill in the form and wait for our notification, we recommend you to have the documents specified above ready.


you earn money

With servicetime customers come to you, receive appointments directly from the customer

time management

With servicetime you decide which days, in which zones and at what times to work. ​

you are your own boss

You can use servicetime at any time, in your spare time or full time

how does it work?

Servicetime creates job opportunities for the team, facilitating the promotion of its services.

Together we will make the best service team.
Yolanda Pulgarin

For any inquiries please email